Mama Serena Kitchen

Return to those feelings


Feel the memories

Back home

Toasted chilies, thyme, bay leaves, boiled milk, cilantro, onion and noodle soup are the perfect welcome. Cousins playing in the yard, grumpy aunts cooking beans and screaming everywhere are, by far, my best memories and Mamá Serena cooking. 

Live your memories once again

Your 5 senses at the table

Our Mamá Serena’s kitchen , is a space of small memories where, thanks to the perfect rhythm and culinary cadence of the renowned Patron Chef Bernhard Güth, heading TRIO restaurant,  has been possible to bring those moments of traditional Mexican cuisine from the deepest memories of our childhood.

With fresh, local, organic and free grazing ingredients we have built a menu that keeps the memories of Mamá Serena and shares them with all the guests at the table.

You are welcome, you are at home.

Splendid in every bite

KNOW trio

In Hacienda Serena, we are creators of family moments.
Our experiences and theater shows have more than ten years in the market and are synonymous with fun and good times.

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