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magnificent Hacienda Serena

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Hacienda Serena is an open space, a familiar nook full of Mexican charm. Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Madre, our Hacienda is ready to create unique moments.


From generation to generation

More than 130 years of history

A livestock and commercial tradition of over 130 years in Jalisco and a path in the history of Puerto Vallarta, Bernal family left a trail of personal and family achievements and  have guided our descendants to a lifestyle that perpetuates the equestrian culture and vernacular art.


Creation of an icon


Since 2011 Hacienda Serena is proud to host the Campeonato Internacional Charro Arena Vallarta within its facilities.

Our show has become a watershed for professional charros, beautiful escaramuzas and charro demonstrations  bring happiness and pride to the whole Hacienda Serena family


New beginnings

Theatrical performance

Our family, having such an extensive tradition and prestige, owns one of the oldest cattle iron in Puerto Vallarta and has one of the most internationally renowned events; Hacienda Serena is unstoppable  and continues to grow, now hosting a magical theatrical show full of color, culture and fun that will transport you to live the old Mexico leaving you with an exquisite taste of our origins.

Mama Serena’s Kitchen


In Hacienda Serena, we are creators of family moments.
Our experiences and theater shows have more than ten years in the market and are synonymous with fun and good times.

hacienda serena


PHONE: 322 596 1864



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